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  • Beetroot ‘Burpees Golden’

    Beetroot ‘Burpees Golden’

    I had a wonderful crop of beetroot this year, my usual ’Boltardy’ and an orange variety called ‘Burpees Golden’. The attractive orange roots look wonderful grow... Read more

    Posted on 17 November 2013 GARDENING, HOME
  • A Welcome Visitor on Remembrance Sunday

    Welcome Visitor Remembrance Sunday

    Today was beautiful, a welcome break from wet and windy weather that seems to be hanging around. We visited the allotment to harvest the remainder of the beets... Read more

    Posted on 10 November 2013 GARDENING, HOME
  • Winter Flowering Pansies to the Rescue

    Winter Flowering Pansies Rescue

    I decided to give the stone urn planters at the front of our property a much-needed makeover, full of weeds they looked sad and neglected. Unloved. Weedy stone... Read more

    Posted on 08 November 2013 GARDENING, HOME
  • Greek Gigantes Beans

    Greek Gigantes Beans

    Back in May I blogged about having a go at growing a type of rare runner bean called Greek Gigantes. You can view the post here:... Read more

    Posted on 07 November 2013 GARDENING, HOME
  • The Allotment Planner Book Review

    Allotment Planner Book Review

    Recently I was asked if I would like to review a book, The Allotment Planner by author Matthew Appleby. I already have a couple of allotment planner style... Read more

    Posted on 04 November 2013 GARDENING, HOME
  • A Walk Before the Storm

    Walk Before Storm

    We visited one of our favourite places to walk yesterday, a chance to give our dog a good run and sniffing adventure before the anticipated storm arrived to... Read more

    Posted on 28 October 2013 GARDENING, HOME
  • Harvesting the Carrots

    Harvesting Carrots

    This year I grew carrot varieties that I’ve never tried before. After looking at so many tempting choices, I settled on a main crop variety called ‘Flakkee’... Read more

    Posted on 25 October 2013 GARDENING, HOME
  • Peas in October?

    Peas October?

    I intended to do this post in July. Family and pet loss forced blogging out of the window for a while, along with all sense of time. Read more

    Posted on 22 October 2013 GARDENING, HOME
  • Fairytale Pumpkins

    Fairytale Pumpkins

    I love growing pumpkins for many reasons but harvest time has to be the best - certain pumpkins remind me of Cinderella carriages and I’m almost sad at having t... Read more

    Posted on 21 October 2013 GARDENING, HOME
  • Pecking Apples

    Pecking Apples

    The apple trees in the orchard are feeling the strain from the weight of fruit on their branches, I guess it’s time to stock the larder cupboard. Read more

    Posted on 07 October 2013 GARDENING, HOME
  • Book Review – Once Upon a Flock

    Book Review Once Upon Flock

    I was kindly asked by Kew Publicity to review Once Upon a Flock by acclaimed illustrator and author Lauren Scheuer, I was especially excited to receive this boo... Read more

    Posted on 03 October 2013 GARDENING, HOME
  • Our Very Own Orchard

    Very Orchard

    Chilly evenings and dewy mornings, my favourite time of year is fast approaching. The mature fruit trees in our garden were planted many years ago in rows,... Read more

    Posted on 18 September 2013 GARDENING, HOME