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  • Top 10 Easy-to-identify Edible Mushrooms

    Easy-to-identify Edible Mushrooms

    As most of my readers will know by now, I have become very interested in fungi - learning about them, photographing them, and (when appropriate) eating them. Read more

    Posted on 13 November 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • It's Not Over Yet

    It's Over

    Well, the clocks have gone back, meaning that gardening activity has to cease earlier in the day; we have had a couple of frosty nights; we've had winds strong... Read more

    Posted on 09 November 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • In the Spotlight: the Bay Bolete

    Spotlight: Bolete

    In the world of mushroom-foraging, the Cep / Penny Bun seems to get most of the attention, but there is another mushroom that is much less well-known, and... Read more

    Posted on 06 November 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • Chanterelles


    One of the most delicious and sought-after mushrooms is Cantharellus cibarius - the Chanterelle, also known as the Girolle.Once you've seen a Chanterelle "in th... Read more

    Posted on 02 November 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • A Trio of Amanitas

    Trio Amanitas

    The genus of fungi called the Amanitaceae ("The Amanita family" to the layman!) contains about 600 different species, including some of the most poisonous,... Read more

    Posted on 30 October 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • In the Spotlight: Galerina Marginata

    Spotlight: Galerina Marginata

    Having posted the other day about one of the best edible mushrooms, today I am going to write about one of the most dangerous! This is Galerina marginata,... Read more

    Posted on 24 October 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • Spotlight on the Cep Mushroom

    Spotlight Mushroom

    In the world of fungi there are some types that are considered great delicacies, and top of the list of these is surely the Boletus edulis, also known as the... Read more

    Posted on 21 October 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • Fungi Hunting

    Fungi Hunting

    I'm sure that many readers already know that I'm keen on hunting fungi - to photograph them, and if appropriate, bring them home for use in the kitchen. Read more

    Posted on 17 October 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • Courtmoor Plot Update

    Courtmoor Plot Update

    I think I mentioned a couple of days ago that I haven't been to my Courtmoor Avenue plot much lately. This is mostly because there isn't very much up there... Read more

    Posted on 15 October 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • The October Garden

    October Garden

    This year the weather has surprised us many times. Very cold, wet weather in the Spring, hot and dry in the Summer, and now (after a short spell of more "normal... Read more

    Posted on 13 October 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • Carrots out and Endives in

    Carrots Endives

    Until recently, one of my five big raised beds has been occupied entirely by carrots, growing away unobtrusively under their protective covering of Enviromesh. Read more

    Posted on 11 October 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • For the Love of Chillis...

    Love Chillis...

    On Sunday we went down to Kent for the annual Challock Chilli Fest, held at the Victoriana Nursery Gardens. This delightful chilli-themed event has a lot of... Read more

    Posted on 09 October 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • Harvesting Chinese Artichokes

    Harvesting Chinese Artichokes

    This time last year, a friend gave me a few tubers of Stachys affinis - Chinese Artichokes, aka Crosnes. They have been growing all year in a pot on my patio,... Read more

    Posted on 07 October 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • Planting Garlic

    Planting Garlic

    This is the best time of year for planting garlic. Old gardening lore says that you should plant it on the shortest day of the year and harvest it on the... Read more

    Posted on 05 October 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • A Blog Holiday

    Blog Holiday

    I'm going to be taking a break from blogging for a while. At present I'm finding it hard to come up with anything new to write about - it seems to be tomatoes... Read more

    Posted on 18 September 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • The Plot Keeps on Giving

    Plot Keeps Giving

    The balance of labour versus results has definitely been in my favour recently, at the Courtmoor plot. In the early part of the year I did a lot of work there,... Read more

    Posted on 16 September 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • End of the Line for the Cherry Tomatoes

    Line Cherry Tomatoes

    This year has been a very good one for tomatoes. The hot weather, combined with the absence of blight, has helped me to achieve a bumper harvest - probably my... Read more

    Posted on 13 September 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • Winding Down

    Winding Down

    It feels very much like the end of Summer now. We still have daytime temperatures in the low to mid twenties (Celsius!), but the nights have been a lot cooler,... Read more

    Posted on 10 September 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • Late Summer Bounty

    Late Summer Bounty

    I've recently written a lot about harvests from my Courtmoor Avenue plot, but my main focus is always on my own home garden. Since it is literally on my doorste... Read more

    Posted on 08 September 2018 GARDENING, HOME
  • My First Crown Prince Squash

    First Crown Prince Squash

    Yesterday I harvested the first of my Crown Prince squashes. Although it was not big by normal standards for this variety (2.67kg), it was a significant... Read more

    Posted on 06 September 2018 GARDENING, HOME