I am just me- mostly known as 'mummy' sometimes known as Rhia, Rhiannon, Rhi, RiRi or even (and this is cringe-worthy) Yan. I am probably just like you - only different. I have a fantastic sense of humour and love good simple comedy (often referred to as 'Dad Jokes'). I am twenty nine this year however I feel my three year old (going on 30) son has aged me about 10 years - so in my head I am middle aged but I am desperately trying to recapture my pre-child self - I know she is around somewhere! Does this mean I am going through a mid-life crisis?? I write as it provides me with a release and also provides me with an opportunity to connect with others. Swing by and get to know me better and I'll get to know you and maybe we can be virtual friends..


  • Mummy's Gone Mad

    Working mum of one lets you in on the inner workings of her chaotic mind and crazy life. Tune in for all things life, love, parenting, weight loss and weddings… and a hint of reality TV- her one remaining vice.