To best describe jimmymycrushie, she has the best balance of good qualities- kind, versatile, intelligent, cunning, multi-tasker, multi-talented, cheerful, quick-witted, easy going, practical, active- both mentally and physically, hard working. But, it comes at a price, as the girl suffers from insecurities and whines too much when the going gets tough. She is both sweet and arrogant, generally calm but impatient and hot-headed. Her habit of pointing grammatical errors annoys others. Some of us just can't help ourselves. Often considered soft, in reality she has more strength than softness. Though naive, known for revealing face value. An expert at understanding thoughts and ideas, she is a people's person and a born writer. Never expect her to reach on time, for she has a poor sense of time. Gets anxious in emergency situations, loves to be in love. A friend forever, never hesitate to contact her even after a conflict or a separation of 50 years. Blessed with sixth sense and good memory.


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    The blog covers England matches, not just match reports, interesting views, injury updates, wallpapers, focuses on all England players. During England's encounters with other teams and tournaments, you'll find information and jokes on other teams as well.