Tradesman, author, technical writer. Self confessed blogaholic, Seeker of knowledge through ongoing self education.

Alternate energy and sustainability type, I have an avid interest in sustainable energy and technology. I like the idea of grassroots living and love the bush, camping, fishing and hunting.

Partner, Father, Grandfather. Family matters to me and I hope to leave the world in a better state of affairs than I found it in. I'm not a tree hugger or raving activist, I prefer the idea of solutions being implemented through applied knowledge and technology.

Returned to Australia in '05 after 9 years living and working in the South Island of New Zealand. I grew up in West Ryde and lived in the Snowy Mountains for many years during my 20's. Now living in Broken Hill, the gateway to the outback. I own a gasfitting specialist business.

Knock about bloke, I call a spade a spade. I don't suffer fools well. I'm hard when I have to be, but I have a good heart. I've been through the school of hard knocks... twice. Live, Love, Life...


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