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Canberra | Climate Reality

By Hakamike @hakamike
Canberra | Climate Reality:
Australian politicians in Canberra are already scratching collective heads and parrying for position in order to milk votes from the Australian voting public over the issues presented by climate change. The vast bulk of Australia is already arid or semi arid and water restrictions are a part of everyday life for most east coast Aussies. In the last three decades droughts have been more severe and longer lasting than ever before in recorded Australian history. We have also seen an exponential increase in the intensity of, and risk to lives and property from bush fires.
Meanwhile off the north Queensland coast climate change poses very real risk of calamity for the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef environment in the world. The reef is home to an amazing diversity of life. More variegated and profuse than anywhere else on earth, with thousands of species of fish, corals, plants, birds and marine mammals. Sadly it only takes a small rise in ocean temperature to cause the corals to shut down and die. The whole ecosystem would collapse in short order from there.
Climate reality, presented in Canberra 15th September 2011

 map of Australia superimposed with Australian flag graphic


This article links to the Climate Reality Project, 24 presenters, 24 timezones 1 message. With nearly 4 million viewers as I write this post this is a message for the world, locally, wherever you are.

 clownfish on the great barrier reef

Clownfish, Great Barrier Reef QLD Australia.                                                                                              

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