Emsy Van Wyck


Emsy Van Wyck is the editor and publisher of Fab Fantasy Fiction and Loving Culinary. She's a media professional with more than 20 years experience in media relations and promotion. Now she follows her passion and reads and writes about the books she loves.



  • Loving Culinary http://lovingculinary.blogspot.com/

    Loving Culinary, edited by Emsy Van Wyck, is a resource for foodies who love to cook, eat, and read about cooking. Featuring favorite recipes, cookbook reviews, and reviews of fiction and non-fiction books about cooking.

  • Fab Fantasy Fiction http://www.fabfantasyfiction.com/

    Fab Fantasy Fiction, edited by Emsy Van Wyck, is a one-stop resource for readers of romance, including contemporary, historical, paranormal, and romantic suspense titles. Reviews of new and yet to be released titles are posted daily. Other highlights include author interviews, spotlights, giveaways, and the weekly "FFF Feeding Your E-Reader Friday," which features free and almost free titles.