A former newspaper reporter and editor, Diane Laney Fitzpatrick is a freelance writer with three children - two in college studying music and journalism, and one living and teaching in Moscow.

She has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Kent State University, worked as a newspaper reporter and editor before becoming a stay-at-home mom and freelance writer. She's done a multitude of volunteer projects at schools, her church, and for the homeless, minorities, women's issues, and political causes.

Diane and her family have lived in six states in the past 20 years, making her intimately familiar with moving and relocating families. She currently lives in and writes from Jupiter, Florida.

"Just Humor Me," Diane's blog, is on Blogspot and on her personal website. She also blogs about Empty Nest and is a contributing columnist at Commentarista.



  • Just Humor Me http://just-humor-me.blogspot.com/

    Growing up in the ‘60s, being a teenager in the ‘70s, raising kids, moving all over the country, and trying to stay afloat living in South Florida, Just Humor Me is a modern day housewife’s journey through the day-to-day funny moments.