I am a full time intimates designer, constantly working on creating new, fun and inexpensive ideas for the customer. I commute to new york from Philly 4-5 times a week just to do what I love. I love illustrating, doing lots of D.I.Y projects & shopping (a habit that needs to slow down). I am a very creative individual, sometimes to creative. Blogging keeps me sane.


  • Anguillian Papaerdoll

    Anguillian Paperdoll was essentially started as a creative outlet, an escape from my day to day activities. This blog will express and attempt inspire its readers by delivering inspirational content regarding to fashion, illustration and shopping.

    This blog also showcase the life and style transformation from my daily denim & tee’s wear to skirts, blazer and ruffles.

    I hope everyone enjoys reading Anguillian Paperdoll just as much as I enjoy writing it! A place to escape to full of whimsy and prettiness.