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“use Your Words”

By Stacylrust

I read an article the other day that “use your words” is becoming the iconic catch phrase of millennial parents.

Millennials are teaching kids to “use their words” in all situations, and articulate exactly what’s wrong, what’s right, and how they feel.

Especially in tantrum situations.

I don’t have kids yet… but when I do, I’ll definitely be one of these parents.

And, hearing that makes me proud of my generation.

“Use your words.”

So simple.

So vital in all areas of life.

And, so hard to put into practice.

It’s exactly the kind of thing we need to teach our kids, and ourselves.

Use your words.

Use them to speak up about what you need, what you want, and what is most important.

Don’t expect the world to figure it out.

Because, the world is busy doing other things.

So, use your words.

Use them to communicate your ideas, use them to move your goals forward, use them to teach and learn.

Use your words.

Use them to affect the lives of others, use them to lead, use them to contribute to the world around you.

Use your words.

Use them in your career, in your relationships, in your journey of personal development…

Write them down. Use them to have important conversations.

Use them to have difficult conversations, conversations that others would avoid.

Do the thing that most people resist… use your words.


Put those words on paper.

Type them out.

Share them.

Release them into the world and let them do their job.

Don’t let them bounce around in your head and get lost in the noise up there.

Use them.

Use your words to start a blog.

And, use that blog to grow a business, launch a career, and find new opportunities.

Use that blog to make change, to share your art, to take your rightful place at the table.

Use that blog to join the conversation and make your mark.

Use that blog to move your goals forward.

Use your words.

Don’t let them go unspoken.

Don’t let them hide out between your ears where we can’t hear them.

Use them.

Speak them.

Write them.

We need them.

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