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The Yes Chain

By Stacylrust

Every customer experience should have a Yes Chain.

A series of yeses, clicks, nods, agreements, permissions… all leading up to the big commitment, the purchase.

Most of us focus on the one big “yes” and don’t create a trail of smaller yeses that feed into the process.

Counterintuitive as it may seem, asking for more than one “yes” makes for far better business results.

This string of micro-commitments, this chain of small yeses actually propels customers into saying “yes” to the big things.

“Yes” to subscribe to that email list.

“Yes” to that online presentation.

“Yes” to that free sample.

“Yes” to that consultation.

“Yes” is fuel that gets folks toward the big purchases.

And, not only does it create higher revenue, but it’s actually what customers prefer.

The Yes Chain creates a more positive buying experience for all involved.

Because, no longer do customers feel as though they are being pushed toward something they don’t want.

Instead of digging their heels in, hesitating, wavering, questioning, and pushing back, they are saying “yes” in a myriad of small ways.

The Yes Chain feels better.

It feels engaged.

It feels inclusive.

It feels like a conversation.

It feels like the customer is in charge, driving the sales process.

It feels like they’re moving forward and making progress.

Ultimately, the customer feels like they’re getting something they actually want to buy.

And, this creates an incredible sense of ownership and control over the experience.

The Yes Chain forges pride in the purchase.

And, not only that, but it forges pride in the process that led them there.

They actually enjoy the sales process, making them far more likely to come back for more.

Want satisfied customers?

Want customers lined up around the block waiting to buy again?

Build a Yes Chain.

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