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By Sweetapple19 @sweetappleyard
Today was one of those days I love. The day before a big trip away. I have traveled to a few destinations over the last couple of years, but to be honest, I am always too stuck inside my own head to get excited until the very last minute. Always busy with something. However, the day before is my time to get out-of-control-thrilled to be heading off on an adventure, unsure of what I will find.
I'm very fortunate right now. I have a lot of amazing things to be obsessing about. I'm on the home stretch of my PhD and I am moving cities next year to start a new chapter in my whirlwind life. If that wasn't enough to keep my mind busy, tomorrow I leave for Baltimore to attend a conference. As soon as work is said and done, I am on a bus to New York, one of the top places on my long and detailed exploration list. After running all over NYC, I fly across the country, finishing up in San Francisco for sunshine and cocktails with a friend. Hang on, there's more. I'm back in Dunedin less than two months, before heading to Rarotonga to be the maid of honor for my best friend's wedding. 
It's so nice to have these days. Where you can sit back and acknowledge that life is swell. The moment you realise, that while you weren't looking, all of your planets aligned, even if just temporarily. Let's be honest, sometimes life's a bitch. Family cancer and earthquake damage; unforeseen bills and looming deadlines. Sometimes I feel as though I'm running on a wheel like a confused mouse, when all I want is the damn cheese.
But then there are weeks like this one.  My first real, paid photo shoot; a snow day; a beautiful letter from a friend and a packed bag destined for the other side of the world. These are the times when you realize that it is all worth it.
Prepare to be bombarded with photos. There is going to be this crazy, blonde girl tearing around Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Golden Gate Bridge with a Lumix slr attached to her face. You have been warned. 
Talk very soon, much love XX
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