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USA: Do Southern States Really Want to Secede?

Posted on the 13 November 2012 by Lowell

Secession Fever

"Hey, y'all, we shore don't like that black guy up thar in thet White House!  Let's git all our kind together and run the guy out of town!"
"Sorry, Bubba, thet ain't gonna work.  He's got all them military types and guns and tanks and stuff and we jest ain't got enuf firepower."
"Oh, damn, you are shore right!  Well, hell, we'll git our relatives and good Bible-believin' folks jest like us, you know white and all, and we'll secede jest like our wunnerful ancestors did awhiles back."
"Hey, Bubba, y'all got a great idea thar.  I'll git on the phone jest as soon as ah finish this here six-pack and jest as soon as I kin find someone who kin read and rite."

Secession Fever

Word is out that a whole bunch of rednecks in several of our states (mostly southern) have filed secession petitions, whatever that means.  They want out.  They ain't gonna put up with another four years of this black commie, Muslim, socialist, Marxist, gun-hating, no good SOB of a president.
Never mind that secession petitions aren't legal and aren't worth the paper they're written on.  The Civil War settled that.  Maybe they think they can start another civil war; shoot at one of our warships off the coast of South Carolina.  I'll bet if you asked them why they want to secede, they wouldn't say anything bad about Obama other than he's running this country into the ground, but they'd start spewing crap about "states' rights" just like their "wunnerful ancestors" did 152 years ago.  These folks aren't the brightest bulbs in the chandelier, but they are racist to the core and mean as hell, and don't have a clue what this country is all about!
As we said, most of the people involved in this secession business are from southern states; like Texas, South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, and Oklahoma.  This is the racist core of our country. 
But the Teapot Crackpots are involved and thus the nutcases have filed similar petitions in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Montana, and even Oregon.  And those states contain lots of racists, too.
None of this is going anywhere.  It's a lot of noise about nothing.  Those involved are merely malcontents blowing off steam.  But there's a sinister aspect to the secession movement.  Much of it, as noted, is born of racism.  And it shows clearly we've still got a lot of citizens who are ignorant of our history, of our purpose and of our promise.
These people know nothing of patriotism, even though I'd guess they'd proudly wave their flags on Veterans Day and the Fourth of July while guzzling beer and chomping down hot dogs.  These are people who are not willing to live in a country where they cannot have the upper hand and control the "minorities" - blacks and Latinos and Hispanics and women!  They do not understand that a democracy can thrive only when the rights of the minorities are protected.  And they are scared to death that they will soon become a "minority," if that hasn't happened already!
They do not believe in Democracy or in striving for a more perfect union.  They are not patriots for patriotism has to do, not with waving flags, but helping these UNITED STATES live up to its ideals of democracy, inclusiveness, and freedom.  But the secessionists disgrace this country.  They demean the beacon of light represented by the Statue of Liberty.  They spit on our heritage and on all those who have fought to defend this country from its enemies.
These secessionists are anti-American!  They hate their country.  They hate it so much they want to leave it. 
There's got to be an uninhabited island somewhere to which they could secede!  If they hate the U.S. and the majority of people in our land so much, let 'em go.  Let them have their own country, set up their own system of government, determine their own laws, and most importantly, let them establish an immigration policy that really works!
That should last about two weeks then they'd have their own civil war!
A state cannot secede from the Union.  But individuals sure as hell can.  I'll bet we'd have a rather large crowd gathered on our shores waving goodbye as they sailed away.  And then we could get about the business of fixing the U.S. of A. without further distraction! 

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