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US Lied About Libya Mob

Posted on the 11 October 2012 by Flip

HERE’S what I wrote re the tragic death of US ambassador Chris Stevens…

If you cannot grasp the fact that those involved in the storming of the American embassies in Libya and Egypt, were a hardcore of the so called “freedom fighters” armed and backed by the West during the Arab Spring, then I urge you to look for yourself. Ask the question if they can do this what else can they do..?

source: RIP Christopher J Stevens

It now comes to pass that not only was his security reduced just prior to his death – despite pleas for more guards, the reports via the US State Department of a “mob storming the building” was in fact a blatant lie. In fact – and coincidentally on the eve of a major congressional inquiry – the attack is now described as being carried out by a “large group of well armed men” and was “well orchestrated”.

My question to you is – if the American government can lie about this and sacrifice one of their own – what else have they and will they lie about..?

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By Raheel Karim
posted on 14 December at 13:03
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