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Urologist and Sedentary Work

By Dotchi Latham @DotchiLatham

I went to the doctor on Monday to see the urologist. They had me pee into a special container under a funnel attached to a bedside commode. I didn't really feel like I had to go but I tried anyway. I felt like I had completely emptied my bladder so I went back to the exam room. They did an ultrasound to measure the amount of urine in my bladder. 
When I came in I had 15 ounces of urine in my bladder (or close to 445 cc's). After "emptying my bladder", I had 7 1/2 ounces of urine still in my bladder (or close to 222 cc's). At 222 cc's, I should be having the urge to go to the bathroom. But I am not having any sensation that I need to pee, even at 445 cc's. 
January 6th they will teach me to self catheterize so my bladder will empty. On the 11th, I have an appointment for urodynamics. They'll be testing my bladder to see how it reacts. 
On January 19th I will have a scope done on my bladder. I can't remember the specifics of that one. But they'll be checking out my bladder again. Plus I have an EMG at the Glacier Neuroscience and Spine Clinic, so that will be a long day of appointments.
Today and yesterday I have been having horrible pain in my bladder. It's so bad that I am doubling over in pain. 
I can't wait until the 6th so I can finally have an empty bladder again. When I went to the ER the Saturday after my epidural steroid injection, they drained my bladder. I felt so much better after they did but since then, I feel a constant fullness on my lower abdomen that doesn't go away and it's getting worse. 
I also go in on the 10th for another follow up at The Montana Center for Wellness and Pain Management. Hopefully they will do something besides just have me call in each week and diagnose how I am doing over the phone. I am really not impressed with that at all.
They released me to sedentary work only. That's awesome except I don't sit in a chair because my legs fall asleep and go numb if I do. Sitting actually causes me a LOT of pain, so I am not sure how I am going to go back to work sedentary only. 
I have tried sitting in a chair the last two days and my back is KILLING me now and it's getting harder and harder to walk. I think I will go back to my reclined position for now. I call in tomorrow fir the update but frankly, this is ridiculous. How can they determine how I am over the phone? I am SO not impressed! 
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