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Urinals Paved With Gold

By Gerard @presurfer
Urinals Paved With Goldimage credit
Captive Media, the UK interactive washroom startup, has raised a $700K funding round to help roll out its product - a 'pee controlled' media system (yes, you read that correctly) - across major venues, and to bring on board more big-brand advertisers from which it hopes to make the bulk of its revenue, long term.
Launched in late 2011, Captive Media is working on the premise that the average 55 seconds a man stands in front of a urinal during each 'visit' to a public washroom is a wasted advertising opportunity. Its solution is an interactive media system installed above each urinal, which uses an infrared beam to enable simple games and quizzes to be 'pee controlled.' Basically, punters are asked to aim left and right as they interact with the Captive Media system, and get shown ads in return.

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