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UPDATES - Iris and Calla Lily

By Dyarnell @dyarnell
Two weeks ago I expressed concern about having mixed up my Iris and I was clearly right; you can see the taller purple and shorter white/purple both in the Sun Garden
UPDATES - iris and calla lilyClearly they are enjoying their conditions and they look good will I ever follow up on my plan to move the white/purple to the Monet Garden?
Not for a while anyway: I would need to be there in person to see them bloom in spring and mark the ones to be transplanted in the fall, which means at least a year and  half before they can be moved.
 UPDATES - iris and calla lily The Calla Lily my friends' gave me is doing well and according to my mother (and a contractor doing work at our house!), it is a real stand-out in the Monet Garden.
I can see why.
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