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By Michiemichiee
I feel very guilty for abandoning this blog.A lot of things have happened since my last post. They are not major happenings, but in terms for my personal and mental wellbeing, I have came a long way. Being swamped with uni classes, part time work, driving and hobbies, as well as squeezing in some "me" time, I am feeling much happier, independent, and much more in control. I am slowly starting to feel good about myself again.
It has been a tough couple of months, but I'm so glad I made it through. Admittedly, I started this blog as a way of writing out my thoughts and sharing abit of myself. I found it to be a great way to heal and develop myself.
For now, I will end this relatively short post with a simple quote that has inspired me recently, "Life is full of surprises, some good, some bad. Make sure you capitalize on the good ones and throw away the bad ones."
A simple quote, a whole lot of meaning behind it.
Sometimes, in life its better to let go and block out the things that hurts you the most.
The thing that you want to know the most, the answers, the truth, will only hurt you even more.
So, just throw it away, you'll thank yourself later. 
Michelle L

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