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Updated Blog Design in Lieu of Sleep

By Roseywinter @roseywinter
Okay, so...
I was going to be a good little Paleo girl (for once) and actually... get my rest! *gasp*
The plan was to go to bed earlier than usual, actually get as close to 8+ hours as possible (most-likely even an entire 8!) and wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and full of energy to work out, cook, clean, and move some furniture around with the fam' to get ready for a Friday furniture delivery (me and my cousin are getting bunk beds... dorky at my age, and yet I am excited!)
And yet, I opted instead to make my blog a little prettier:
Updated Blog Design in Lieu of Sleep
Updated Blog Design in Lieu of SleepI both love and hate the choices I make, sometimes. But I'm happy with the changes that I made... it looks a little more like  REAL blog now! Haha. I have this little "Share this" thing, and the layout is a little more nicer...
Updated Blog Design in Lieu of Sleep
I even have a "Related posts..." and now my little Twitter widget matches the actual color scheme of my blog! Yay!
So... I'm happy. :)
And now I get to sleep!

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