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Update: Truck 2011

Posted on the 30 June 2011 by Outroversion @outroversion

Truck Festival 14: 22/23/24th July 2011

For a festival that has always been a familiar and comforting occasion with the only surprises being on the always mind blowing line up, there has been an air of mystery over proceedings this year. New stages, more fields, a cinema, fine dining, the main stage moving to Steventon’s ‘Natural Ampitheatre’; all this sounds amazing but oh so tantalisingly ambiguous!

So rather than turning up and being able find everything in your sleep/stupour, there’s a whole portal of dimensions to attract and intrigue.

While the most important thing is undoubtedly the music, it’s more important that you’re there, otherwise it won’t seem quite as immediate or important to you and it might seem a little rude that I’m going on about how great a festival it is when you might not be there- so get your tickets here. Usually the rule for festivals is, the more you pay the worse the facilities are (toilets, walkways, prices etc) and even while Truck is still under £100 you can bet that even with the expansions and bigger names that you can be assured nothing will be compromised, only improved.

Update: Truck 2011

The line up of course is unbeatable, I mean look at some of those names- Gruff Rhys, Bellowhead, Graham Coxon,  John Grant, Young Knives, Philip Selway, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, The Go! Team, Johnny Flynn, Roddy Woomble, Pete & The Pirates… And an absolute feast of Oxford bands! All of these shall be on the Truck Preview Mp3 Collection which I shall get together for you over the next week.

Speaking of the line up- one other thing I love is nerding it up for hours with the clashfinder working out my exact movements in preperation and thankfully some genius makes up once a year, I do think this is earlier than ever though! A matter of a day since the stage times were announced you can now get it here. Whether you follow your carefully orchestrated path after finding the bar is another matter…

See you there!

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