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Update on Toaster, Washing Machine ..... and the MOT

By Sue15cat
Update on Toaster,  Washing Machine ..... and the MOT   As we couldn't find the receipt for the washing machine anywhere, it was obviously lost during the house move, we contacted Indesit and explained the problem.  They were brilliant and offered us the chance to buy a second years service guarantee which would enable them to send an engineer out free of charge under the initial guarantee period, even though we had no proof of when we bought the machine.  So it is now guaranteed for 18 months.    However, it turned out there was nothing wrong with the washing machine!!   The problem lay (we think) in a pipe that the handyman that re-configured the kitchen for us had not capped off.  With the Indesit engineers advice Lovely Hubby bought the correct cap for the pipe and did this before putting the washing machine back in place.    Update on Toaster,  Washing Machine ..... and the MOT   We still have huge puddles of water under all the kitchen cupboards and have the dog towels and sponges in action trying to soak up the water. As it has been leaking for quite a while this is going to take us some time to accomplish.   News on the toaster .... after an email to Russell Hobbs and a link to the Blog post that explained about the toaster they asked us to send the sticker from the underneath of the toaster, they will check if it is within the guarantee period by a code on there.  (It is, but we have no receipt.)   We will see what happens next.   It's been a busy weekend ....  mopping up water, repairs AND digging, we'll be glad when it's over.   I think we will have to be a lot more careful with paperwork from now on.   I am very organised and file things as I get them, but LH has a tendency to make piles of papers before he files them, and then when the piles get too big, he scans through them and tips most of the pile into the bin.  I think this had happened with the guarantees AND with the MOT paperwork for the truck, as this week when we needed to tax it we realised we did not have it's MOT certificate, so to be on the safe side we nipped it into Llandudno and put it through the test.  Luckily it sailed through with flying colours and so it's tax disc is on the way and everything is now back to normal ....well as normal as it ever gets round here ;-)    Sue xx

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