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Update on the Ticket Sale @La Scala

Posted on the 25 July 2012 by Irinastanescu
As mentioned on the website, only a few seats will be available for online sale tomorrow. 80% of them are 224 euro/ticket (the ones in yellow). Surprise, surprise...aham?!
Some of the gray seats might be coming up for the online sale if related to bookings that are not being paid within the time limits showed onto the confirmation page.
Update on the ticket sale @La Scala
Of course, there are some other cheaper seats. But remember what I said about the restricted view! I found a good example of what... not to buy. Those purple, 27 euro seats on top of the photo above. They're placed where pigeons nest and from there you get a spectacular view of the... chandelier :) 
Update on the ticket sale @La Scala
. Good luck everyone!

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