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Update on Dad #3

By Megthamama
Update on Dad #3
Dad's surgery was a full 4 hours. 
He did great in surgery and recovery. He was on neuro watch in 15 minute, 30 minute and 1 hour intervals. Each check went great. Which is a HUGE praise. He nor mom slept any last night due to his snoring. His voice is so raspy due to the tubes from surgery that it makes his snoring much harder on him. Dad described it as being violent. My sweet mom is so tired. She will not leave his side even for coffee downstairs. This morning Dad has been battling high blood pressure and hot sweats. He is on oxygen and heart rate monitors and his additional bp meds. And through all of that, he is still being Brent. He is a simple man that just loves the Lord and a strong cup of coffee. He asked me to read scripture to his nurse and he wanted to give her his Sunday School lesson for her to read. Bless his soul. **side note: we know his nurse really well. She was a classmate of Nathan's (little brother) and she loves the Lord just as much as dad does. She gladly accepted dad's Sunday School book though. Dad was able to drink a cup of coffee too! I think he just wore out his nurse until she said SURE! We will never be able to thank everyone full for all of the love and sacrifices they have made for our family. The outpour of love is truly humbling for us.  Thank you for embracing and loving my family in our darkest hour. God is going to turn our darkest hour into a light for him. 

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