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Update & Clear Skin Routine

By Everydaylegalese @ambernk
Long time, no post. When I started this blog, I greatly underestimated how busy I would be with school. Quick update - I'm a 3L now and I've started a new job, which I LOVE. Hopefully I will be posting more regularly now that I am on winter break from school. I've always taken really good care of my skin. Beginning in high school, I saw my dermatologist every time I had any acne for an "acne shot". I know it sounds extreme, but it helped prevent scarring and my insurance paid for it. Fast forward to law school, and my skin started suffering. I think it was the combination of stress, eating bad, hypothyroidism, and being away from my dermatologist. However, I have a new skin routine and I am loving how clear my skin is looking. First Aid Beauty Cleanser I've raved about FAB on my blog before and I am still obsessed with their products. Perfect for all skin types, but especially for sensitive skin. I love this cleanser so much, I can't count how many tubes I have used up. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream This moisturizer is a life saver.I had been using a moisturizer from Clinque, and while I still love it, I did notice that it was causing me to have a lot of blackheads after continuous use. I save the Clinque one for nights where my skin needs some extra moisture, but the FAB one is perfect for everyday use. Peter Thomas Roth Peeling Gel I bought this on Black Friday but I decided to give it to my mom. She used it and convinced me to try it. I was nervous about typically products like this are too harsh for my skin. I was so wrong. This peeling gel is so cool, it really does peel away the dry skin and leaves your skin glowing and feeling so soft. I use it twice a week and I really think it has been the main source of my clear skin lately. What products are you using?

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