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Update 3/7/2011

By Ballerinablogger
Good evening blogging community! I'm fresh out of a rehearsal for my company's production of Sleeping Beauty and it's improving more and more everyday. Aside from the two solos (Woodland Glade Fairy and the Sapphire Fairy) I am performing three other corps de ballet roles. The roles are: Garland Waltz in Act I, a Dryad in Act II and a Lilac Fairy Attendant in the Prologue. It's a lot of work especially when rehearsing the Prologue as I'm paying attention to two roles at once. (Lilac Fairy Attendant and the Woodland Fairy are occasionally on stage at the same time)
The identical version to the Sapphire Fairy variation I am performing is unfortunately not available on YouTube. Rather than having three stones (Sapphire, Gold and Silver) behind the Diamond Fairy, we do it more similarly to a 1970's version of the Royal Ballet in which each stone performs their own variation and not only a pas de trois. The Woodland Fairy variation is also not found on YouTube but is performed in the Prologue like most classic interpretations. Despite some searches I haven't found a fitting video for the corps de ballet roles but to anyone interested in owning a DVD of Sleeping Beauty, we perform a resembling version to theirs. Update 3/7/2011Click HERE to find it on
The performance is in eighteen days! It's very nerve racking but I think we'll be ready in time... Or at least I hope we will... :p
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