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Upcoming Writing Belle Schedule

By Selane @SummerEllenLane

Hello, all! I'm just taking a quick moment here to highlight a few articles that will be coming up on Writing Belle this month. I've been working on a lot of different projects (mainly my novel, my homework, and my various jobs), and I'm hacking away (gently hacking!) at getting some new commentaries ready for release this holiday season. Here's what you can expect to read about on Writing Belle November to December: 

  • Mayflower Miracle: A Reflection on the heritage of Thanksgiving, and what it really means 
  • Mission Misconception: The American Church and its Obsession with Foreign Missions Trips (and why this needs to change) 
  • Subversive Warfare? Modern American warfare, internal conflict, and a new kind of Cold War
  • Preorder for Vengeful Dawn (Resurrection Series #6), which will include the cover reveal and official synopsis! 
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale: All my titles will be temporarily dropped to 99 cents for one week, as I do every year! 
  • What Are the Odds? A book review of Mike Lindell's autobiography, and an examination of the American dream 
  • Yearly book-end; a wrap-up of my favorite books this year, and what I'm looking forward to reading in 2022! 
There you have it! This is actually quite a bit of content for such a limited window of time, but I'm excited to share all of this with you. I've got some seriously fun historical essays cooking for you, and I'm sure some of it will be shocking. There's nothing I love more than surprising people with a little American history. Have a wonderful week, everyone. See you back here SOON with new content! Upcoming Writing Belle Schedule
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Upcoming Writing Belle Schedule

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