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Up Close and Personal with the Chromatics

By Thepeoplesreign @ThePeoplesReign

Up close and personal with the ChromaticsUp close and personal with the ChromaticsUp close and personal with the ChromaticsUp close and personal with the ChromaticsI get frustrated living in Milan, there’s not a lot of variety and things tend to always be fairly conservative and traditional. Of course you can find divine Italian food and cheap tickets to La Scala (the world famous opera house) but when you’re in the mood for something exotic or Starbucks you’re often left wanting. On the brighter side, sometimes this results in opportunities like last Friday’s Chromatics concert, which we were privileged enough to see in an insanely intimate setting with only about 60 other people in the whole place (only in Italy would this be possible). We were right front and center or maybe slightly to the left and so close we could see the sweat roll down lead singer Ruth Radelet, guitarist Adam Miller, drummer Nat Walker, and producer/multi-instrumentalist Johnny Jewel’s face! It was an unbelievable experience, there was no prancing around the stage or pretentious fist pumping, Ruth was straight faced the whole time, but the music spoke for itself, absolutely faultless with a contradictive melancholy sound and electro beats. Unbeknownst to my ignorant ears George and I have been listening to the Chromatics for the last couple of years and they are sort of like the soundtrack to our relationship and seeing them live was like a culmination of our entire history together. Needless to say were both smiling ear to ear and jumping around hysterically. Baci xxx

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