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Unusual but Lovely

By Sue15cat
Unusual but Lovely   After our hard working tree planting day on Saturday we were aching slightly but raring to go with a days hedge planting on Sunday (and did I mention we have five more trees to go in ... three Whitebeam and two Rowan) ... unfortunately the weather had other ideas!!   We woke up to heavy rain and gray skies and although things eased slightly over the time it took us to eat breakfast the gray skies foretold a day not designed for being in an open field.  Indoor jobs were the order of the morning, washing and baking a cake for me and the final year end accounts for Lovely Hubby .... yes, I let him do all the nice jobs , I'm nice like that :-)   When he surfaced bleary eyed from the computer I suggested a trip into town to buy him a new pair of best jeans, sorely needed after he had bent over yesterday and flashed a bit of thigh at me ... blushes, it was thigh honest !!  His current pair cannot even be re-cycled as work jeans or shorts, the fabric is worn out and completely un-patchable.   We bought the jeans along with another pair of lightweight trousers for Summer, a new t shirt to match the trousers ... Unusual but Lovely ... and a pack of seven pairs of his usual very restrained socks!!   Yes although the black part of the sock is visible if he sits down in a business meeting, hidden inside his shoes his toes are telling a whole different story!!   Unusual but Lovely
As the M&S café is situated in the other branch 100 yards along the road we decided to have a coffee in Waterstones for a change and as we went in I spied this lovely book with £5 off the cover price.  Now usually I would wait until I got home to see if it was available even cheaper elsewhere but LH said 'let me buy it for you'  ... gosh let a man spend on clothes for himself and the guilt trip means you get a lovely new book .... who am I to argue :-)   Unusual but Lovely   So I got this wonderful new book, Lovely Hubby got new clothes AND a new book on planting trees from seed, we both got a cup of coffee to drink while we perused our new books and our aching muscles from the day before got chance to recover.   An unusual but lovely Sunday afternoon.
Unusual but Lovely   My nice new book has now been added to the collection of books being read when I settle down for the night.  I always love having a choice of books to dip into within reach. (When I checked on Amazon it is only actually a few pennies cheaper on there, so thinking about it I am so pleased that I supported our local high street instead.)   What are you currently reading?   Sue xx

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