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UNIX 6 Day/48 Hour Race Hungary 2012

By Abichal @Multidays

unix 6 day/48 hour raceThe Unixsport 48 Hour/6 Day International Ultramarathon Challenge started today May the 9th in Balatonfüred, Hungary. This second running of the event has drawn an impressive field including Wolfgang Schwerk and Hans-Jurgen Schlotter from Germany, Martin Fryer from Australia, Eric Wright from South Africa and Petri Perttilä the 6 day treadmill record holder from Finland. Richard Brown from the UK is running but Sharon Gayter has had to pull out of her world record attempt due to injury.
Monica Barchetti who won the ladies race last year with 704 km returns and Cornelia Bullig will no doubt be contesting the top spot. 46 runners in total in the 6 day race.

The 48 hou5r race and the 24hour relay start on May 11th.

As of the time of writing we are almost 12 hours into the race and Sz?nyi Ferenc on 125 km leads Martin fryer and Wolfgang Schwerk, both on 118 km. Monica Barchetti leads Conny Bullig by 10 seconds – both on 94.5 km.

Website: UNIX 6 Day/48 Hour Race
Live webcam on the site plus a live updated scoreboard

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