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#UniversityProblems with Shimmerofpink #1

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers,
Every week or two I will answer any questions about university that you have or that I had before I went to university.
This week are questions that you asked when I tweeted earlier in the week. If you have a question comment below or tweet me @shimmerofpink .
Tips on avoiding distractions such as social media?
I am probably not the best person to answer this question! I am truly terrible for procrastination. However if I know I have to do something without any distractions then I put my phone in a drawer and I turn off my internet so I have no "accidental" check of twitter and facebook. Also since I started my blog I seem to spend a lot more time on social media and on the internet in general so if I am having a super buy week then I take a 'holiday' from my blog and all blog related things an then I stick to it because I don't feel like I have to check my emails and social media.
How did you feel on the first day?
Super excited but also very nervous. I'm not sure if this question means the first day of lectures or first day of moving into student accommodation so I will answer for both.First day moving into student accommodation was so strange. I was really looking forward to meeting new people and living independently but there are always preservations about such a large experience in life. I met some truly lovely people the first day, and have made some friends for life since. There are always going to be some people you don't get on with but there will always that you will. You just have to be yourself, there were quite a few people who tried to be people they weren't but people soon realised and that wasn't so great for them so be yourself.
The first day of lectures was also very strange, I didn't know anyone on my course so I just spoke to people around me and found some nice people to sit with. The first few weeks are a little bit strange and takes a while to get to know people because my lectures have around 300 people in them. But then we are split into groups of 12 and have a lesson every week so I met my degree friends in those classes.
How do you stay motivated?
It can be difficult at times especially after Christmas. But you have to remember what the end result will be. You have to stay focused on the good things that are happening and the events you are looking forward to, to keep you going through the tougher weeks. Everyone has good and bad weeks and so you are definitely not going to be the only one not motivated. Set yourself goals and then when you achieve them it always helps you to feel more motivated.
Is there lots of peer pressure when it come to drinking alcohol etc?
There can be. It depends on the people you are with, it can depend what society groups you join. For example I know some of the sports groups (Rugby!) can have initiation night and big drinking nights out. But generally in clubs and bars there isn't a lot of pressure and to be honest a lot of people are that drink they wouldn't know whether you were drinking water or vodka! I do drink but never to excess or where I am unable to know where I am or throwing up because that is not my idea of a good night out. I am quite good at saying no and standing my ground and my friends are similar to me when it comes to drinking so I never feel pressured into drinking. I think if you feel pressured by your friends then I think you may need to reconsider your friends as they should accept you for who you are.
 Laura x

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