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By Erraticglamour @erraticglamourx
Four Random & Wonderful Years
University.Top left: 1st Year Top right: 2nd Year Bottom left: 3rd year Bottom right:4th year
When people tell you that University goes quickly & to really treasure the time - believe them! Uni, for me, is over after four interesting years. They definitely were some of the best years I've had. From random nights out to making new friends to getting involved with boys that were just not right for me resulting in some lessons learned. University was an adventure. One that I loved from start to finish.

As a person I changed a lot - physically and emotionally.  Although following four years, you wouldn't expect to be the same, would you?

Physically. I lost weight, cut off pretty much all my hair & adopted some more flattering apparel options. All of which have been positive steps in the forming of me. Emotionally, university allowed me to gain confidence that I wholly lacked in my previous formative years. As my very lovely dad reminds me "Remember, you're good!" He's right. I'm just as good as the next Tom, Dick and Harry. I just had to realize this little gem stone of information for myself. Confidence is an attractive quality. Believing in yourself is another. University definitely taught me this along with a mash of Marketing concepts!

It isn't all play at university remember, the aim of the game is to gain a degree at the end. That said, have fun too. Don't work yourself to the ground worrying about deadlines and grades. Let loose every now and then. You're only young once! Especially if you choose to attend uni in a city that is not your home stomping ground - as I did. Explore this new landscape of clubs, pubs, shops, cafes, museums. Trust me you will find the best places when you wander.

I loved university. I met people that I don't know what I would do without and I have found a city that I love beyond belief. I love this city so much I am staying on here following graduation in a lovely adult-y flat with a university friend! 

I wasn't going to include pictures through the years but I had to! It would be nothing without them. I apologies for the lack of nice photographs...

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