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Unique Finds from J. Crew

By Thelawsoffashion

I know I often rip on J. Crew for their ridiculously expensive items.  But some things are just so amazing and unique at the same time, that I can try to ignore the price tag and buy it anyway.  Look at this perfect blazer. I can’t take my eyes off of it.

J. Crew Unique amazing finds mn stylist laws of fashion blog tote bagJ. Crew Bureau Jacket in Linen Canvas $168

What about this bag I am currently drooling over…

Intiq for J. Crew Mochila Bag $295 mn stylist bag purse the laws of fashion blog
Intiq for J. Crew Mochila Bag

At least this beach tote is affordable at just $49.50.  I like the pastel colors and stripes are a classic Summer staple.

J. Crew fashion trend unique items beach tote mn stylist the laws of fashion blog

Of course I have to show you the craziest piece yet, a $1,750  piece of yellow luggage.  Talk about fashion forward and a piece of fashion art work!  You could convince yourself to buy this as long as you used it for luggage as well as a decorative piece of fashion furniture in your room.  Hey you could showcase your shoe collection in a unique way.  I am a big fan of utilizing fashion as decoration.  Make it serve double duty.

Centenary Luggage piece from J. Crew mn stylist laws of fashion blog fashion trend must have decoration

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