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Unique Concept Bars in Buenos Aires

By Expanishargentina @expanish

Libros del Pasaje

libro bar buenos aires 300x199 Unique Concept Bars in Buenos Aires

For the book lovers of the world, this bar/restaurant is the perfect place for a laid back hang out during the week. Surrounded by books, this location is perfect to sip a coffee, or a glass of wine, and relax. Not to mention, there’s always the opporuntity to pick up an interesting book in Spanish and get to practicing!

Victoria Brown

victoria brown 300x200 Unique Concept Bars in Buenos Aires

You can’t go wrong with this coffee shop, restaurant, and bar. The industrial and contemporary design gives this place a great vibe, whether you’re eating, sipping a coffee, or nursing a cocktail. To get from the coffee shop to the bar, there is a “secret” brick doorway surrounded by a red curtain. Once you walk through this brick entryway, you are transported into a sleek, dim, industrial-style bar. The intricate design of this coffee shop and bar alone is enough reason to check it out!

Le Merval

le merval 300x167 Unique Concept Bars in Buenos Aires

For those with business and financial savvy, this bar is for you. While Merval still has the typical bar happy hour, the general pricing of drinks makes it stand out from other bars. Run like the New York stock exchange, the prices of drinks fluctuates based on supply and demand. With 3 plasma TVs surrounding the bar, and prices changing every 6 minutes, it’s easy to play into the game, save some money, and try some different drinks.

Floreria del Atlantico

Floreria Atlantico 300x200 Unique Concept Bars in Buenos Aires

The entrance to this bar is through a cute, little flower shop. When you walk into the flower shop, open the “fridge” door and walk down the stairs into a sleek cocktail bar. Either make a reservation and eat some of the delicious food, or just show up a, sit at the bar, and watch the intricacy that goes into each drink. Whether you’re drinking your cocktail out of a treasure chest, mate straw, or next to a flaming cinnamon stick, these drinks do not disappoint!

Jobs Bar

jobs 300x200 Unique Concept Bars in Buenos Aires

This bar is unique to Buenos Aires, but familiar to many Americans. If you’re looking for your fix of beer pong, darts, pool, pizza, and beer, then this is the bar for you. With 3 floors, there are an endless amount of games to play. Aside from the regular bar games, there is air hockey, table football, ping pong, board games, a PlayStation, and even archery.

Unique Concept Bars Buenos Aires

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