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Unfriending On Facebook = THE WORST OFFENCE EVER.

By M00kyst @mookyst
Wow. Isn't the world a curious place. There's several incredibly unbelievable things about this story I want to talk about in this article. Number one being that somehow this 'story' actually managed to make it into the news (although I did first read this on the Daily Mail website so I don't know if that is classed as news. That said, it has been published on other actual news sites too).
What is this story I'm referring to? Well a cancer victim posted some pictures and - wait for it - one hundred people found them offensive and - wait for it again- UNFRIENDED HER!
Aaaaah. The horror. Save us now. From this shitty excuse for news.
Pretty much, this woman called Beth Whaanga posted nude pictures of herself after having a mastectomy due to cancer and some people got offended by it.
And this is apparently... A problem?
OK, so I'm far from the type of person who feels that the 'offended' should get their own way and have things they disapprove of not shown and blocked from the world just because they don't like it, and I don't think this woman's pictures should be removed in any way just because some people were offended, but people HAVE THE RIGHT to be offended just as much as anyone has the right to offend them. So really, who the fuck cares if, oh no, some people unfriended her or not? Who actually fucking cares?
Is this supposed to be an issue? Are we supposed to read this shit and gasp "Oh my God! That poor woman! All she wanted to do was show everyone on Facebook her naked body after having surgery to get rid of her cancer and one hundred - ONE FUCKING HUNDRED PEOPLE UNFRIENDED HER?" And then grab our pitchforks and hunt the pricks down?
No no no no no no no no no no!
What the fuck?
Some people don't want to see nude pictures of you after surgery on their news feed. And not only do I myself respect that but I also understand it.
No offense to this lady Beth... Errr... What was her last name? Wanga? Wanka? Waaanga? Whatever. Something like that. Anyway, no offense to this Beth Wonga person but who wants to see that shit on their bloody Facebook? I get you're trying to spread around that this is the type of shit you can expect after having a mastectomy but fucking hell, on Facebook? REALLY? Who wants to see that?
Some poor bastards were just scrolling through their news feeds, perving on hot girls and spying on people's conversations when BAM!
"FUCK. ME. What did I just see?"
No. No. No. NO ONE WANTS THAT. No. One.
Obviously a lot of her friends were alright with it. Just sorta got on with their Facebooking and didn't think much of it, or maybe dropped a like and a supportive comment. But apparently one hundred people thought:
"Nah, not for me thanks mate." And that's fine. No issue. You know why? Because it's Facebook and they have the right to say 'I don't want this on my feed' and unfriend the shit out of you.
What's more, no one expects or probably wants those pictures on Facebook. Like I just said, people aren't expecting graphic post-operation photos on their feed. Facebook isn't labelled as the 'place to be if you want surgery pics', it's a bloody social networking site.
I personally think people are better off making blogs or websites dedicated to these sort of unqiue things and letting appreciative and supportive people FIND THEM. Not forcing it onto every person you know's (or may have met once at a party) news feed. Quite frankly, I'm not surprised she lost friends and honestly, there's no need for her to get arsey about it. It's only Facebook.

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