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Understand Contact Forms and Drive More Leads [infographic]

Posted on the 24 January 2014 by Onqmarketing @onqmarketing

Contact forms are found on nearly every website. Whether visitors are signing up for a newsletter, buying a product or making an enquiry, there’s a contact form.

People are bombarded with forms and text boxes, so I can understand why people tend to run at the sight of them. But it isn’t good for business. You want your visitors to be signing up and leaving their details.

Significant research has been done to discover what factors increase conversion rates of contact forms, and it was found that with a few small changes you can increase the chance it will be filled out.

By decreasing the number of fields in the form, you can increase the number of conversions. A simple form that takes a minute to fill out is much more appealing than a 10 question sign-up sheet.

The infographic below, designed by the team at SingleHop, outlines additional, super easy changes you can make to your contact form that are proven to increase conversion rates.

Contact form conversion infographic

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