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Under the Big Top

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh
Last Thursday we took the boys to the circus for the first time.  That's right cotton candy for me.  
Don't judge me.   It's my absolute favorite part, and I had seconds. 
The show was awesome, and except for fighting "the tyrant" trying to keep him from rolling head first down the bleachers, we had a great time.  
It started off a little shaky at first.  You know preschoolers, they have irrational fears. 
M took one look at the circus tour bus and freaked.  He wouldn't move a muscle and it almost looked like I was dragging him to the circus.  I opted to carry him.  His father's genes are strong  so he doesn't look like me.  People might think I was kidnapping him. 
It could happen.
By the time we got to the ticket booth, all he wanted, was to go home. 
It was tough. 
One of the clowns tried to engage him, which I knew was a big mistake, but there he was trying to make M laugh and all he got in return was the deer face.  You know the one.  Where the child stares at you wishing they knew curse words?  Yeah, that one.
This lasted for a little while.  I offered various foods, treats, drinks, but nothing worked, until ... you guessed it,  the cotton candy. Under the Big TopAfter that, he was sugared up and ready to go.  Once the show started he was captivated.   There was a tiger performance which always amazes me because I have no idea how or why these huge cats would cooperate, but for my child's sake, I'm pretty glad they stuck to the script or this would have been the last circus trip.
There were a couple of other animal acts, like the pink poodles , which I'm sure is a PETA violation, the camel and horse parade? Not really sure how or why that was supposed to be entertaining, and then of course the elephants.
The other acts were the usual clown show, a family trapeze act (is it just me or is it always a family? I mean they had a 10 year old and a 14 year old swinging. How old would they have had to start in order to get to "the show"?), ribbon dancers, a dirt bike group which M really got into - this one also had a kid in the mix, one of the riders was 12.  I'm seeing a theme here.   At least I know if my kids got lost at the circus they'll come out with a skill, that's important, book smarts can only get you so far.   Then at the end was the act that made the biggest impact - the human cannon ball.  M did not take his eyes off that cannon once they brought it out.Under the Big Top
I'm pretty sure he now wants to be the guy that gets launched out of a cannon when he grows up.  I'm not opposed to it, just as long as I get free tickets.  
And cotton candy.

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