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Undeniable Cell Phone Link to Brain Tumors

Posted on the 12 January 2014 by Adask

Cell Phone Radiation [courtesy Google Images]

Cell Phone Radiation
[courtesy Google Images]

It’s seems certain that cell phones cause brain cancer, memory loss, breast cancer in women, and diminished fertility in men.  While these cell phone radiation problems certainly occur, their incidence is unclear.  Will cell phones cause brain cancer in one user in five?  Or one user in 5,000?

It’s also certain that (no matter what the incidence of cell-phone cancers) people stand in long lines to be the first “kids on their block” to buy the most recent, coolest, most powerful and versatile cell phones.  People die in car wrecks while they’re intently texting on their cell phones.  People might give up their cars, before they abandon their cell phones.

People really love their cell phones.  Cell phones aren’t a mere communications tool; they’re obsessions and a way of life.  I doubt that many people will give up their cell phones until they, or someone they love, has personally suffered brain cancer that can be attributed to cell phones.  The incidence of the cell phone cancers may have to be very high before average users will give up their “beloved” cell phones.

So, it’ll be interesting to see if rising reports of cell phone cancer will have much impact on the cell phone market.

I don’t own a cell phone, but looking at the phenomenon from the outside, it appears that cell phones may be almost as addictive as tobacco.  Just as it took several decades of warnings to persuade people to stop smoking, it may take a number of years to convince “cell-phone-lovers” to abandon their cell phones.  Like crack, cell phone users know cell phones are bad for them, but they won’t easily quit their addiction.

Given the number of cell phones used around the world, cell phones may be one of the means by which the elite dramatically reduces the the global population.

But cell phones aren’t necessarily headed for oblivion.  Let’s suppose someone invented a metallic “mask” that covered the side of your head where you normally held your cell phone . . . or maybe a helmet that covered most of your head that shielded your head and brain from cell phone radiation–would it sell?  What about a metallic holster for your cell phone that women could carry in their bras and men could carry in their pants.  If those holsters allowed your cell phone to work but also shielded your body from cell phone radiation, would those holsters sell?  I think so.

The next big technological push in cell phones may be to create cell phone towers that are so sensitive that the next generation of cell phones can function with much lower levels of radiation. Instead of arguing that Verizon cell phone enjoy the largest areas of coverage, Verizon might advertise that their cell phone generate only half as much radiation as their competitors.  Would you instantly switch to Verizon if their cell phones generated 50% less radiation than your current cell phone. I’ll bet you would, and I’ll bet that almost everyone would do the same.

The next cell phone manufacturer who can devise a technology that dramatically reduces cell phone radiation could corner the market in 90 days.

But, while we wait for the inevitable development of that low-radiation technology, it appears certain that current cell phones cause brain cancer.  Whatchu gonna do?

One thing you should do is ensure that your children have no more access to cell phones than to alcohol.  If it were up to me, it would be illegal to open a cell phone account for anyone under 18.

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