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Unconditional Sacrifice

By Atulsharmasharma
Unconditional SacrificeThe family doctor told littleJohn that he could save hissister 's life by giving hersome blood . The little five-year- old girl was very neardeath , she was a victim of thesame deadly disease fromwhich John , her elder brotherof age eight , had made amarvellous recovery twoyears earlier. The onlychance for restoration tohealth was a bloodtransfusion from someonewho had previouslyconquered the illness .
Since the two children [Johnand the sick little sister ] hadthe same rare blood type , theboy was the ideal donor . 
"John, would you like to giveyour blood for your sisterMary ?" the doctor asked him .
The boy hesitated . His lowerlip started to tremble out offear. Then he finally smiled ,and said, "Yes , Doctor. I' llgive my blood for my sister. "
Soon the two children werewheeled into the operatingtheatre - Mary , now very paleand thin ; John, robust and thepicture of health . Neither ofthem said a word , they bothremained silent , but when
their eyes met , John grinned.
As his blood siphoned intoMary 's veins , one couldobviously see new life comeinto her weak and tired body.
The ordeal was almost overwhen John's brave little voicebroke the long silence, "Say
Doctor, when will I die ?"It was only then that thedoctor realised what themoment of hesitation, thetrembling of the lip , hadmeant earlier. 
Being just a little boy , Johnactually thought that when giving his blood to his sisterhe was giving up his life ! Andin that brief moment, thefinal decision that he hadmade was the greatest love of
all. ..

The doctor was moved by thelittle boy 's brave finaldecision. . . the unconditionalsacrificing love. . .

Sacrificing out of what youhave is human nature , butsacrificing all of what you have needs a lot of LOVE.
Nowadays people alwaysthink of what they can get inreturn before giving, if thereturn is less than theirgivings, then they will bereluctant to give. Alwaysthink of what you can do tohelp others and not just what
you can get from them .

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