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Unbelievable Quality of Your Camera Photos in 1 Click!

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

Photolemur, the first automatic photo editor  for the casual camera user who still wants a stunning image. That means there is no need for fancy software or years of experience as a photographer – you’re too busy for that. Snap the shot, drop it into Photolemur, and – boom – classy images in seconds. Your biggest challenge will be limiting how many images you share! Using Mac or PC for photo enhancement makes it possible to use much more powerful hardware that will help Photolemur make the best of your shots.

Traveling takes time and there is no need to edit photos spending your free time. Photolemur butch processing will do that automatically for you. You can spend more time on traveling instead of boring experience with photo editors.


Here is how Photolemur enhances under exposed image. It is really hard to take great shot taking into account physical principles of light on this photo. But Photolemur improves color and light balance using computer science technologies.

Want to catch that low light shot at dusk as the cliff diver leaps off the precipice but you only have your smart phone? Unless you know what settings to choose, most smart phones create an under exposed image. Cheap cameras simply distort images. With Photolemur, that same image will sharpen up creating a stunning image worth showing off to your friends. Pictures perfected by Photolemur get much more exposure on social media. After enhancements each photo look professional without additional effort.

With Photolemur, you can trot the globe and capture your images the way you see them – in full color. Digital cameras and most smart phones take decent photos but often when you take that perfect shot, it is blurry or under exposed. Photolemur enhances your shot so you don’t have to. It’s like photo editing on autopilot. Artificial intelligence sets perfect parameters for each photo you take and upload to Photolemur. There is a new way of automated photo enhancement.


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