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Ultimate Long Winter Weekend Packing List

By Littlebckpacker @littlebckpacker

Travelling over the cold winter months often puts people off and I typically would agree. However in the last 18 months I have become a big lover on winter destination and all the fun that comes with them. Although the biggest problem with winter breaks is packing. My first real winter holiday was for three weeks in New Zealand as part of my gap year, when I had packed nine months earlier our plan was not to visit New Zealand in winter. As you have probably guessed by now, I did not have warm enough clothes at all. These days, after a winter in Scotland and various weekend breaks in the last few months I have become quite the pro at weekend packing and winter packing.

Today I’m sharing my ultimate winter packing list for a long weekend break with a few tips thrown in along the way. After four years of travelling, things I do automatically aren’t necessarily obvious to newbies.

Vacuum bags aren’t just great for saving space they also keep your clothes fresh or act as a dirty washing bag.

Rolling clothes really does work, it saves vital packing space and stops clothing from creasing as easily.

My biggest tip for a winter trip would be a good pair of strong, sturdy, warm and comfy boots, Dr Martens are my faves.


Ultimate Long Winter Weekend Packing List

Four long sleeve tops
One vest/underneath top
One short sleeve top – for traveling in

One pair of thick tights – mostly for underneath jeans incase it is too cold
One pair of jeans – my most treasured jeans are a kids pair from next in blue, just make sure your choice is a comfy and goes with everything.
One pair of leggings – I prefer patterns ones because you can get away with wearing them as trousers/pants
Two thick jumpers – pictured is a Christmas jumper simply because my latest trip is right before Christmas, however ideally I would take a thick cardigan and think jumper

IMG_9944 IMG_9950

Thick socks – great for cold feet but also popping on during the flight
Sports style bra – these are great for feeling comfy on long haul flights
Underwear and socks (not pictured) – I always take a spare set of each
Swimsuit and rash vest – not normally on my packing list but needed for my trip to Iceland and the Blue Lagoon
Towel – again only something I would take when I know I NEED one

Two pairs of boots – both warm and comfy although Dr Martens are still not fully worn in so I have to take two pairs of shoes, again not something I would always do

Toiletries – pack together in one bag for my checked luggage (IF NOT CHECKING LUGGAGE BE SURE TO CHECK HAND LUGGAGE RESTRICTION), I tend to always take hair products because I’m allergic to everything but you may be okay taking very little if you are staying in a hotel.

IMG_9948 IMG_9946

And most importantly a GLOVES, HAT, SCARF & WINTER COAT – none are pictured however my coat looks like this and is totally brand new so I cannot wait to try it out:

My new winter coat, I cheated by buying a kids version of their super expensive adults coat I liked.

My new winter coat, I cheated by buying a kids version of their super expensive adults coat I liked.

Always chose a comfy outfit for your flight over style, you’ll never catch me in jeans for any flight!

Wear your heaviest/bulkiest luggage on the plane, my Dr Martens are always my flight shoes – admittedly they get taken off the minute I’ve got comfy in my seat.


All my luggage folded out before I packed my case up

Hand Luggage

I don’t always check luggage, but do regularly carry two bags when I travel. This way I can leave one at the hotel or hostel and use the other as my day bag. I’m slowly learning to carry my handbag traveling these days but regularly end up with a backpack instead.

Mac Book Pro (and charger, not pictured)
Glasses and case – I always make sure I have a case for my glasses after a pair were trodden on mid flight while I slept!
Go Pro and pole – Plus various other accessories not pictured
iPhone 5c – Because I use it for everything
Mini first aid kit – Plasters, paracetamol, ingestion tablets, travel sick bands etc
Small handbag – With purse and iPod inside
Reading material and notebook – Always need something to do on a flight and nothing beats having a journal to write your thoughts in
Passport, travel documents, luggage tags, currency – All safely together in a folder (I’m not normally that organised though)


Always carry a small first aid kit with you, they are easy to make at home with bits you would normally have in the house. Saves trying to find a pharmacy when all you need is paracetamol.


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