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Ugh, I’m Sick. Any Cold/Flu Remedies You Swear By?

By Beautyblogger @crowscupcell

Ugh, I’m Sick. Any Cold/Flu Remedies You Swear By?Ugh…is there anything worse than being sick? Between the constant nose-blowing, sneezing and ache-factor, the cold/flu definitely ranks #1 on the not-fun-at-all list. In fact, the only upside is being able to watch back-to-back Friends episodes (seven straight episodes to be exact) while remaining in my flannel jammies. All. Day. Long. Yep, I’m on day #3 of this cold and I’ve been taking mega doses of Vitamin C, Zinc, and lots of fluids. I typically hate taking over-the-counter meds as they make me feel like a zombie — so a friend of mine suggested eating plenty of spicy food (to clear a stuffy head) and taking a scalding hot bath (apparently viruses can’t survive super hot temps?). Super spicy foods and scalding hot water? Hmmm, those remedies sound awfully…maniacal. Do you have any natural tricks n’ suggestions for kicking a cold fast, readers? If you have a remedy you swear by, please share!

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