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UFO Sighting Proves Visual Spectacle for El Mirage Resident

Posted on the 03 August 2015 by Jim Winburn @civicbeebuzz

EL MIRAGE – An El Mirage resident reported a peculiar spectacle to MUFON, the online Mutual UFO Network, detailing a sighting over the Shadow Mountains.

The sighting occurred in two brief moments in the early morning hours of July 12, according to the anonymous resident’s report, describing the occurrence as a series of sequential flashes over a two-hour duration.

The source told MUFON that the inexplicable phenomenon took place as the man stood in front of his home, facing north toward the El Mirage Dry Lake, nearly 10 miles from his residence.

As the source looked “over and behind the lake bed at the tops of the Shadow Mountains,” he witnessed lights spread out over a mile or more that resembled nothing he had seen before.

“It’s common to see lights on the slopes from campers, their OHV’s and campfires, but those are smaller, more pinpoint, typically solitary or paired, spread out over great width from the various campsites and never, on top [of the Shadow Mountains],” the resident stated in his report to MUFON.

The man explained that the rocky terrain that stretches hundreds of feet up a steep slope, and without trails, is simply non-accessible by foot or vehicle.

“Having lived here for 18 years at this home, I’ve never seen lights on top, ever,” he said.

The man said he experienced the first sighting at about 2 a.m. when he took the dog out.

“I noticed the lights immediately,” he said. “Even a bit groggy and confused I knew there were too many – in a straight line and too high up the slope.”

And over the next few minutes, he observed three to a maximum of eight or nine lights glowing larger than normal with “mostly clean white light.” He reported that some of the lights faded out, while new lights appeared.

“A couple never moved while the others gently moved horizontally,” he said. “Sometimes moving a little and stopping and staying. Other times moving off and returning. From my great distance all changes seemed gentle and smooth – without purpose.”

He reported the size of the lights remained similar until he notices about two smaller faint-blue lights that appeared behind the others. And then he noticed a single reddish-orange light that appeared to the right of the blue lights, which revealed an observable depth to the sighting for the first time.

When the man returned at about 4 a.m., he contacted his friend to witness the light activity in the distance: “We were talking and observing for about a minute and suddenly the single white light farthest west exploded brilliantly in size,” he said. “Instantly five or six times in diameter, just as bright with pure white light. Huge, an inch in observable height to me, but several hundred feet there. Over the next few seconds it shrank a bit and faded out. When that happened one-third of its diameter was below and in front of the ridge line.”

He wondered if there were other lights on the opposite slope above Shadow Mountain Village. After searching breaking news sites, police and fire alerts, and online social media, he found no mention of the occurrence, so he reported the sighting himself on MUFON.

“I checked the MUFON logs to see if someone else had observed and reported [the sighting],” he said. “No luck.”

* * *

In a 2000 statement, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said for the record that “no branch of the United States Government is currently involved with or responsible for investigations into the possibility of advanced alien civilizations on other planets or for investigating Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s).

Though admitting that the US Air Force (USAF) and NASA have had intermittent, independent investigations of the possibility of alien life on other planets, officials explicitly stated that “none of these has produced factual evidence that life exists on other planets, nor that UFO’s are related to aliens.”

The Pentagon officially stated in 1969 that UFOs pose no danger to U.S. national security, saying that “UFOs, even if they exist, are not a threat,” and government officials have yet to update their position on UFOs since then.


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