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Types of Dental Implants Surgery

By Allyson3james

Dental implants have become popular option these days for the people with missing teeth in the modern day dentistry. When it comes to dental implant, there are different types. There are more than 60 manufacturers who are responsible in catering the world. These help in creating restorations like the adjustments and crowns. For this very reason, you can find the dentist having a wide range of options that find the implant treatment, which is simply the best for any specific requirements of the patients. Now, let’s check the types of dental implant surgery in the following paragraphs:


Subperiosteal Implants: This kind of implant is often employed single stage procedures. These are simply positioned inside over the gun tissue over the jaw bone. The post protrudes over the gums in order to hold the restoration. The basic benefit of this kind of implants it that it is known to hold the dentures securely for the individuals who don’t need to have bone height.

Endosteal Implants: All these dental implants are simply among the commonly employed option for two stage procedures. These are simply surgically implanted directly over the jaw bone and then are found over the alternative to the bridges and detachable dentures. As you check the option, these can be found with kinds including the threaded and screw, smooth or cylinder and bladed.

Two stage dental implants: The two stage procedures are among the most popular among the list of dental implants. The implant is surgically placed over the jaw bone hence it can be lies flush over the bone underneath the gum. The dentist then is closes the gum tissue with the help of stitches in order to secure the implant from the fore whereas the surrounding bone is seen healing and then fuses over it. After some amount of healing time, you can find the second surgery being carried out in order to expose the implant for attaching the abutment and restoration process on a temporary basis.

Single Stage Implants: The method simply involves having for one piece implant, which protrudes via the gum once these are seen placing over the jaw bone. Once the gum is seen healed the crown and abutment is seen getting placed over the additional amount of surgery in order to uncover the dental implant. Also, with the two pieces implant, which is carried out over the two stage procedure can be simply employed. The healing and implant abutment are instantly connected with the initial surgery. The demerit of this option is that the dental implant happens to be week for the external forces along with the extra caution and carried out for ensuring the healing option and is not seen getting interfered.

Standard Platform Implants: This type of dental implant is seen with the diameter that ranges from 3 to 4 mm which are often placed over the front portion of the patient’s mouth. These are among the common ones to be seen among the patients looking out for a solution to fill the gap in their mouth.

Wide Platform Implants: These types of implant are the one having diameter range from 4.5 – 6 mm is often the typically placed over the back of the patient’s mouth for replacing the molars.

Mini or Narrow Implants: This kind of implant having the diameter ranging from 2 mm to 3.5 mm. These are simply placed over the individuals that don’t really have the required space between over the roots over their teeth for conventional sized implant. These are also employed when the patient is seen lagging behind the sufficient amount of bone density.


These are some of the kinds of dental implant found in the dentistry world. You can further explore the list in case keen to know.

Types of Dental Implants Surgery

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