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Two Weeks Old

By Ofanselm @ofanselm

Already. Well, tomorrow she will be. She's finally too big for her premie clothes, and is starting to fill out her newborn clothes. She's been going very easy on her mommy - which I'm very thankful for, because the toddlers in the house are sort of out-of-control with excitement since they met her: Paschelle doesn't understand that she's not old enough to pick up her little sister. She's also fond of petting the baby's eyes...

My mom and step-dad are visiting us from back home this week! My mom's in heaven because my brother and sister-in-law (who live in the same town as us) had their own baby boy just a few days after Victoria was born! The cousins were baptized together this past Lord's Day. I'm so glad the grandparents were able to be here for that.

God is very good.

Two Weeks Old

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