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A Little Announcement

By Ofanselm @ofanselm
Over the past several months of silence here, I've gotten emails asking if I'm shutting down Of Anselm. Certain word searches and emails/comments from strangers have made me severely regret putting as much of my life - and, more importantly, the lives of my children - out for the consumption of people I mostly don't know. It's very easy to say "there will always be weirdos and perverts" when one hasn't actually encountered any, or when one's living relies on the churning-out of regular, relatable blog content. I'm not willing to take that stand anymore, because I think there are more important things to fight for than online friendships or the excitement of landing on one more person's "Daily Reads" list. So I've deleted all posts which are mainly related to my children, and will keep this blog up for the occasional non-personal post. 
I know pics of landscapes and still lives don't incite the passion and empathy that toilet training tales and pregnancy struggles do, but I hope you can appreciate the decision anyway.
Thanks guys,
A little announcement

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