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Two Phases of Nonbreakable Ornaments

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
When our girls were little we used only the nonbreakable ornaments on our Christmas tree. I was certain that the girls would pull the tree over at some point. Somehow we made it through the toddler years without the tree hitting the ground.
A couple of years ago I started putting up our glass ornaments again. I like the way the lights sparkle against the glass. I put them up high where the girls couldn't reach them. We made it through each Christmas season without any major incidents.
I thought we were passed the point where I had to worry about using the glass ornaments. I was wrong. It turns out the greatest threat to our glass ornaments involve the words, "We'll decorate the Christmas tree."
The first year the girls decorated the tree they were so careful with the ornaments. I didn't allow them to hang many glass ornaments. The girls did a good job with the ones they were allowed to touch. Last year they did nearly the entire tree by themselves. I think they broke one ornament each.
This year it was like a glass breaking contest. As soon as Daddy left to run some errands, I said, "Let's surprise Daddy by finishing the tree before he gets home." Ha! That would have been a very good idea except I didn't leave enough time on the schedule to clean up all the broken ornaments.
Since we buy a Christmas ornament every time we take a trip we had a lot of new ornaments to replace the broken ones. It isn't as if our tree is bare. Still, I did learn my lesson. From now on we'll focus on buying nonbreakable ornaments. I'll think about glass ornaments again when the girls are in college.

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