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Two New Projects This Week! Keeping Myself Busy

By Dotchi Latham @DotchiLatham
Now that I am adjusting to the new meds a little and I am not as tired constantly, I decided to find something to occupy my time a little better. Of course, blogging is on that list! But I added two new projects to keep my busy!
Blogging about the Filewise System
Awhile back I blogged about how the FileWise system was no more and how devastated I was about that. A little while later, I did get an email from someone willing to help me find the parts I was missing. I'll have to look through my email to find the name of the person as I REALLY want to thank her on the blog.
Then I got to thinking... HEY, why don't I just blog the whole system? SO, this week (or two or three, we'll see how long it takes) I will start adding the FileWise system to my blog. As far as I can tell, I won't be sued to hell for posting it. I will be updating as I get it done.
Writing a Children's Book
Working on other books is fun but is taking for FREAKING EVER! So I decided to get together with my sons, a friend of mine and my brother to write a children's book. I'll still be working on the others but hopefully this will get me in the market faster. And I've always wanted to write Children's books anyway. Why I veered away from it, I dunno... But I am going to pick it back up again.
The coolest thing is, my friend's 10 year old daughter will be illustrating the book and will make some of the profit with me. So it helps us all!
I am super excited about this week!
And now the questions to my readers
I thought of writing a line Pagan's kids books. But my first book will be something more general.
What kids books do you think we need more of? Or what kid stories do you think would be fun to read?
AND... Who wants to be my book tester? I need 5-10 book testers with kids (teachers would be awesome for this!) to read the book and tell me if you liked it or let me know which page you drooled on when you fell asleep from boredom.
Email me if you want to be a tester (and get a free kids book). I'll update this post when I have enough testers. THANKS (in advanced)
Gettin' excited about this!
DotchiFrom The Baker's Acres!

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