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Two Back-to-back Conferences: Cambridge-London-Oxford 2013

By Wuthrich

There will be two back-to-back conferences in the UK this fall organized by Adam Caulton, Eleanor Knox, Bryan W. Roberts, David Wallace–the ‘Cambridge-London-Oxford consortium’. Here they are:

(1) Relativity Meets Quantum Theory, LSE, London, November 28-29th 2013.

Speakers: Adam Caulton (Cambridge), Fay Dowker (Imperial), Doreen Fraser (Waterloo), Leah Henderson (Carnegie Mellon), Miklós Rédei (LSE), Chris Smeenk (U. Western Ontario) Giovanni Valente (Pittsburgh), Jakob Yngvason (Vienna), David Wallace (Oxford).

(2) Irreversibility in Axiomatic Thermodynamics, Trinity College Cambridge, November 30th 2013.

Speakers: Harvey Brown (Oxford), Leah Henderson (CMU), Jos Uffink (Minnesota), Jakob Yngvason (Vienna).

Further details on both conferences can be found on the website:

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