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Twitter Drags Don Lemon For Asking If The N-Word Offends You (-_-)

Posted on the 23 June 2015 by Mikeylately @MikeyLately

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Somebody come get their cousin because he needs to have several seats. I understand why President Obama used the word, but Don what are you doing? I guess he thought this was doing a relevant topic because President  Obama had recently used the n-word on Marc Maron’s podcast when he was talking about race. To me it seem like Don just wanted to put on for the camera aka just doing it for a shock value. While President Obama was trying to make a statement.

Don I understand your on a mission to do whatever Don Lemons do , but Imma need you not to do that on national television. I don’t mind the debate of the confederate flag, but how you tried slip in the n-word for stunts and shows can STOP. I’m just going to say have a seat. But I guess Twitter is in a dragging mood today.

Dear White People, Please Take @donlemon. Please. Please. He's already gulping on white dick...So...PLEASE! THANKS twitter.com/KwameRose/stat…

André Verdun Jones (@AndrVerdunJones) June 23, 2015

Lol RT @rodimusprime: Does CNN have Don Lemon's family hostage in the green room? It would explain so much. http://t.co/a03EgpJids

Godfather Coofy™ (@neauxbodee) June 23, 2015

Dr Boyce Watkins: Don Lemon’s stunt shows he’s more diva than journalist Financial Juneteenth bit.ly/1Lrd8Hy

The Prince Report (@PrinceReport) June 23, 2015

[email protected]donlemon, I PRAY @CNN is paying you well to look this ridiculous. And I can tell he's thinking "got 'em." No. http://t.co/5nTRv1Ai6b

  (@PrestonMitchum) June 23, 2015

@YungBroGaud “@MyNinjaTurtle: Breaking News: Don Lemon has lost his mind http://t.co/62cOMCtBwA”

Jizz (@504jweezy) June 23, 2015

Don Lemon is really just a troll paid to be on tv.

Painter Bison (@stephdom8626) June 23, 2015

CNN's Don Lemon is an embarrassment to the three communities he represents... African-Americans, gay men, and stupid people.

Brian Scully (@BrianRScully) June 23, 2015

Yes, I am personally offended by the fact that @DonLemon still has a job http://t.co/1BzScuWw5z

Logan Smith (@LoganJames) June 23, 2015

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