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Twists in Time Anthology: Interview

By Lauriej
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With Sandy Goldsworthy author of "Aftertime"
Welcome Sandy! Thanks so much for visiting!
Tell us about your current release.I am thrilled to be a part of Twists in Time, an anthology with award-winning authors I really respect. It is an entertaining collection of time travel short stories. My short story, Aftertime, features Emma Bennett and Ben Parker, characters from the Afterworld Saga. Readers will get a glimpse of them in a past life.
Are the names of the characters in your novels important? How and why?Funny you should ask that! In my earlier drafts of Aftermath, book one in the AfterworldSaga, my main character, Emma Bennett, had an old fashioned nickname for Elizabeth. Because of her storyline of having live past lives, I found the name to be appropriate. But my critique group didn’t think so. They spent so much time discussing why the name Bessie (**cringe**) didn’t work, that I had to rename her. I don’t even remember them commenting on the storyline itself—they just couldn’t get past her name. Ever since, I’ve kept a list of names I like and refer to it every time I introduce a new character.
If I came to visit early in the morning, would you impress me as being more like a chirpy bird or a grumpy bear?Probably the chirpy bird! My English Mastiff has a tendency to wake me really early in the morning—well before my alarm. So I’m used to getting up early. Just give me my cup of coffee and a computer screen and I’m a happy girl!
How did you start your writing career?It was actually a hobby for me. I always wanted to write a book—ever since high school. My English teacher was pretty instrumental in getting me to enjoy creative writing. But I decided to major in marketing in college, so I back-burnered writing until a few years ago. I had a strange dream that I ended putting in a journal, which led to a short story and eventual series.
Do you have any special routines or rituals?Yes! Unfortunately, I am a creature of habit. I work best with my computer on my lap in the family room. I put the TV on mute, but I like having some movement on the screen. If I’m home alone, I’ll read my story aloud. Once in a while, my dog will raise his head and glare at me, if my talking disrupted his nap.
Has someone been instrumental in inspiring you as a writer?I’m really fortunate to have a great support group. Several years ago, a coworker invited me into his writing group and introduced to a whole new network of published and not-quite-yet published, authors. Hearing everyone’s experiences and reading their projects was incredibly inspirational which simply fueled my interest in pursuing my dream. Additionally, my family has always encouraged me—from giving me time to write, to bouncing off ideas, to even using them as characters! I love them dearly.
Do you have any suggestions for beginning writers? If so, what are they?
Write your heart out! The more you practice writing, the better you’ll be at it. One of the most important things is plot and character development, and no first draft is ever good. So write, edit, and edit some more. Don’t give up—follow your dream!Thank you for taking time out to answer a few of my questions.... I am looking forward to reading your short story.  :)
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Title:  Twists in TimeAuthors:  VariousPublished:  June 16th, 2015  Publisher:  Clean Teen & Crimson Tree PublishingGenre:  Science Fiction, Time TravelContent Warning:  Some stories may include mild violence and language.
Synopsis:  What would happen if time, the fragile thread that both leads and binds us, could be unwound as simply as untying a knot? Would we go back, charging through our own history, changing and tweaking, plucking at that fragile thread until time itself unraveled all around us? Would we create countless universes through which we could live our fantasies—or would we become our own nightmares? Would we blaze ahead, reckless and wild, into our own futures? Would we become our own heroes, or would we become villains?
Join us for a series of stories that explore time, through the eyes of those bold enough to conquer it, and foolish enough to try to control it. From the award-winning team of authors at Clean Teen Publishing, Twists in Time will both entertain and challenge the way you see the world around you. Because when one finds a way to break the barrier of time, endless worlds of possibilities emerge.
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